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Hello Everyone in the Rotary Club:

It's been almost 3 years since I came back from my exchange year, how fast!! I still can remember the first time I got there. I took my flight from Mazatlan to Phoenix, (first time I flew by myself) and to another country!! Haha I remember I got lost and some Rotarian came to help me, he was very kind, even though I didn't understand him at all. Anyways I remember everyone waiting for me at the airport, I always wanted to tell ya'll this, in Mexico when we meet someone we have to kiss them in their cheek, I remember kissing Tamie, Myra and everyone at the airport, I bet y'all thought, "what's wrong with this girl?" hahaha I told that story at the rotary club here in Mexico and they laughed at me..


First day at CushingHigh school, SO SCARY! The new foreign girl in a tiny little town, I have to admit it, it felt good to be the new toy hahah, time goes so fast, I can't remember when I started to dream and think in English, and I remember Don Amon being furious in class cause at the end of the year I couldn't shut my mouth. hahah just kidding, not furious but seriously I used to talk to Nathan and Jarred the whole time.


I still think a lot about my exchange year, it's a lifetime experience, if more people would do this the world would be a better place, it changed my life. I came back being a better person and I grew a lot! (and not just in size). I cant wait to go back to the old Oklahoma, they told me there's a new Walmart in Cushing haha yay!! Getting closer to become a big city haha. Just kidding.


Well since I came back I've been traveling and studying a lot, I'm majoring in Tourism, which I love and I get to do 1 year internship everywhere in the world, so I already did 1 semester here in Mexico, in Cabo, a very beautiful beach and in one more year I'm getting ready to go somewhere else, I'm thinking about Saint-Tropez in France or maybe Hawaii, or Spain, who knows where life is going to take me, but I'm ready and excited to this new experience. I'm currently studying French and I know a little portuguesse, and I'm glad I'm having all my classes in English next semester because I really need to practice!!!


Everything is great in Mexico, if you have the opportunity to come, remember MI CASA ES SU CASA, forget about the swine flu and all the bad stuff they said in the news, ya'll know they like to make things really big when they are not.

My sister is getting ready to go to Canada, I'm so jealous I wish I could do this all over again, anyways, back to reality and ready to junior year in College!.

I'm sending some pics of my life here in Mexico! Hope you enjoy them, and who knows  maybe pretty soon I'll be in the Thursday meeting talking to ya'll, I really miss those cheeseburgers and having to talk in front of everyone in that podium.

Thank you for everything and for making my year so special! Specially to Willetta, Frank and Lee Denney and the Amons for hosting me!